About the association

The association started its work in early 2016 as an informal platform for the exchange of information and for networking of businesswomen from Bosnia and Herzegovina who live and work in Austria. After a little over a year we have decided to formalize our work and the group of exceptional women.

The association “Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina” was officially registered in September 2017. The association’s vision is to promote female entrepreneurs in Austria and B&H and to strengthen their economic and social position. We attach particular importance to the development and growth of our entrepreneurs and members. The main work of the association consists of supporting our members by promoting their companies and business ideas, various presentation series, workshops and lectures – simply by connecting at all levels. In addition, we want to promote women’s business both in Austria and in Bosnia and Herzegovina through partnerships with other organizations and entrepreneurs.

Privileges for Association’s Members

Membership is voluntary. All members in the group will receive an invitation to become members of the Association. By accepting the membership, which entails filling out the application form and paying the membership fee, you will accept the Statute of the Association. Our work in the Association is volunteer work, and revenues executed from membership fees will support the development of the Association. Additional information and the application form are provided on the top of the page (link on the top of the FB page).

Advantages stemming from your membership in the Association:

  • You will contribute to the development of a network of business women from BiH, Austria, and beyond, and affect positive changes in the society.
  • You will develop your business and private networking.
  • You will have the pleasure to belong to a community of women who speak the same language and support each other.
  • You have options for promoting your work or company, i.e. your services and products (advertising is free of charge of Association’s members).
  • You can lobby and enjoy social and business influence through visibility and branding of the Association.
  • You can attend monthly meetings on topics that are relevant for the development of your skills.
  • You will receive special discounts on services and products provided by the Association’s members.
  • We socialize and look forward to expanding our group of acquaintances and acquiring new friends along with the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences.
  • It is fun to grow together!


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Days of BIH

BWBH & PWN Women in Business - Making in Austria, 14.11.2019

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Lejla Tinjić Zaimović

Lejla Tinjic Zaimovic is the President and one of the Founders of the “Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina”association. Lejla is an economist, specialized in marketing, and works as a consultant in an international finance institution. Lejla has more than two decades of experience in supporting development projects, event management and office administration. Lejla coordinates activities of the Association and is responsible for external relations, marketing and development. As a great believer in networking, she focuses on attracting business women of different profiles and experiences who share the vision of strengthening the position of women in the business world and society in general.

Mag. Jasmina Buhre

Jasmina Buhre is a coach, trainer and consultant. She has many years of experience as a project manager and consultant in a large non-profit organization. She is one of the founders of the Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina association and in the association she is involved in designing offers for the personal and professional development of members and organizing events.

Selma Muratovic

Selma Muratović completed her studies in economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). Professional experience begins during your studies in various areas of economics, from project management and product management to logistics and supply chain management. She currently holds the position of Operational Director at Brajlović Austria. The idea of ​​moving forward through support, help and sharing one's own resources brought Selma together with the Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina association, where she holds the position of treasurer.

Naida Grbić

Naida Jusufhodžić-Grbić

Financial Auditor
Naida Jusufhodžić-Grbić graduated as Master of Law with the Universities in Zagreb and Vienna. Having gathered experience in the field of banking law in Zagreb, and the fields of accounting and taxes in Vienna, she joined the auditing department of one of Austria’s leading banks, where she has been practicing labor law and cooperative law for many years. She joined the Business women of Bosnia and Herzegovina association in 2019 because of the great ideas for which association stands. In addition to the annual financial review and certain other legal aspects of the Association, she is also responsible for organizing workshops and thematic lectures. As a persistent fighter for real equality of women in everyday life, she thinks that real progress in terms of equality will only be achieved once it ceases to be a topic of relevance.

Lejla Kameric

Financial Auditor

Alisa Kapic-Zustra

Selma Beglerovic-Zoljo

Selma Žoljić-Beglerović is a master's student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sarajevo, where she studies automation and electronics. I'm a PhD student studying at Graz University and I'm working at the Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH center. Focus on achieving your goal and prioritize the security you need to ensure you optimize your operational data and improve voice quality. Just made a trip to Graz to visit Kroz and Udruženju in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I believe that most people rely on being in a marginalized employment situation and they are able to focus on their work and they are able to make money by being on a social network work. The customer of BWBH decided to inspire their customers and inspire some inspiring customers. I am sure that I will have a lot of fun with my family because I will finish my project in the near future. Before you start your journey and take the time you need, you need to give yourself a few days.

Alisa Isakovic

Alisa Isaković was born in Zenica in 1991. After completing his mechanical studies in 2016 at the University of Zenica - Department: "Production Technology Management" and not finding a job in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he decided to rely on his knowledge of the German language and start looking for a job in Germany or Austria. In May 2017, she moved to Steyr in Upper Austria and started working for Bitter, which is an engineering bureau for the automotive industry. In 2021, he gets the opportunity to join the sales team in the same company, where he works now. Along with this, he is also in training for project management and leads a new project in sales. Given her great curiosity, which is one of the essential features of her character, she is looking forward to working in the BWBH association.