Lejla Tinjić Zaimović


Lejla Tinjić Zaimović is the president and one of the founders of the Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina association. Lejla is an economist, working as a consultant at an international financial institution in Vienna. She has more than two decades of experience and support in the implementation of development projects, executive assistance to management, organization of events and coordination of office work. Lejla coordinates the activities of the association and is responsible for public relations, marketing and business development. As a big supporter of business networking, she wants to attract women of various profiles and experiences who identify with the vision of strengthening the position of women in the business world and society as a whole.

Naida Jusufhodžic-Grbić

Member of the strategic team/Auditor

Naida Jusufhodžic-Grbić is a Master of Law (B.Sc. in Zagreb and M.Sc. in Vienna). After banking-legal (Zagreb), accounting-tax and legal experience (Vienna), she got a job in the audit association of one of the leading Austrian banking institutions, where she has been dealing with labor and cooperative law for years. She joined Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina because of the great ideas it represents. In addition to the annual bookkeeping audit and certain legal aspects of the association, she is also responsible for organizing workshops and thematic lectures. As a persistent fighter for the real equality of women in everyday life, she thinks that real progress has been achieved only when equality stops being our main topic.

Jasmina Buhre

Member of the strategic team/Auditor

Jasmina Buhre has a master's degree in Arabic language and literature and a bachelor's degree in Turkology. She has many years of experience as a consultant and project manager in the Austrian Red Cross. Jasmina is a Coach, wingwave® Coach and teacher of autogenic training. She is a member of the strategic team and one of the founders of the Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina association. In the association, she performs the work of an auditor and deals with designing offers for personal and professional development of members and organizing events for members who want to present their work or certain expertise and competences.

Adela Mehić-Dzanić

Member of the strategic team

Adela Mehić-Džanić is an expert in telecommunications and digitization (Internet of Things). After completing her studies in telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo in 2010, shecame to Vienna for professional training and access to the global labor market. As an accomplished woman in the professional and private field, Adela wants to share her knowledge and experiences with the BiH community in Vienna and joined the strategic team of Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2020. In the association, she is responsible for cooperation with strategic partners and professional women's associations.

Maja Čopra

Member of the strategic team

Maja Čopra is a product and graphic designer. After successfully graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, she moved to Vienna, where she lived for eleven years. At WIFI Wien, she completed additional education in the field of graphic and print design, which she is currently engaged in. Her work is related to the development of the visual identity of companies, as well as individual visual elements and accompanying marketing materials. In addition to her full-time job, she works independently as a graphic designer for the company Bee Graphics, where she expands her activities to t-shirt printing. In the association Business Women of Bosnia and Herzegovina, she is responsible for creating a visual identity and promotional materials. She shares the same vision with the association and with her involvement, Maja contributes to the overall networking of women with the desire to make strong business contacts and create a recognisable brand.